Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet Review

Let me begin by telling you this is my first luxury wallet purchase. Prior to this purchase I was using a Marc Jacob’s Zip Wallet. It worked very well and lasted the test of time. While Marc Jacobs isn’t high-end luxury it is a midrange brand and everything I’ve ever purchased from them has been very high quality! When I replaced my Marc Jacobs handbag with my Louis Vuitton Pouchette Metis I decided that I’d also look for a new wallet.

I had literally outgrown my Marc Jacobs wallet to the point where I couldn’t fit all my cards and I was constantly having to decide on what I needed for each day. Needless to say this was an additional burden that I had to deal with daily and wasn’t convenient. So it was definitely time to upgrade to something larger and more useful.

I wanted to go with something higher up in the luxury market but I knew I needed something durable. I’m busy and when going out I don’t always have time to baby my handbags and wallets. One of the reasons I purchased a Louis Vuitton was because I knew they were durable and easy for everyday wear.

So when looking for a wallet I desired the same attributes. Durable, easy to clean, and of course stylish! This wallet has been great for daily use and was a great investment piece.

After looking around online I came across the Prada saffiano continental zip wallet. What first interested me in Prada was their saffiano leather. This leather is texturized and has a cross-hatch pattern. It is water and scratch resistant and very very durable! When it came to the size and style, I knew I needed something large enough to fit my iPhone 7 Plus and multiple cards. These we’re really my only two requirements aside from durability, anything else would just be an added bonus. After comparing a few different styles I finally decided on the Continental Zip Wallet.

This wallet offers twelve card slots a folder pocket and a zip compartment. I’m able to fit all my cards in this baby plus there’s still room for more! I can fit my iPhone 7 Plus inside too though it is a tight fit, I’m glad to have the option. I use the zip compartment for more cards, cash, and any coins I have on hand. There’s a ton of room for receipts too.

This is by far the largest wallet I’ve ever owned but also the most convenient for when I want to have everything on hand. I’ve had the wallet for over three months now and it’s been very useful. The quality is outstanding and I haven’t had any problems to date. I chose the black with gold hardware (my personal favorite combo) and it goes with just about everything. If you’re looking for something durable I really recommend the saffiano leather. It’s exactly what I was looking for and is perfect for daily use. Link below for those interested.

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