Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag Review

The Story

I’ve always loved Louis Vuitton in fact as a child I remember fondly admiring the collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami. This is the first memory I have of taking an interest in the iconic luxury brand. Of course they we’re far out of my reach and unobtainable for a kid that grew up in a middle-class family. Fast forward to my twenties and I’m now in the position to start purchasing luxury goods. I knew I wanted a good quality handbag but, it was definitely a challenge deciding which one I’d choose. Since Louis Vuitton is such an iconic designer (and my childhood dream) it made sense to look at them first.

When I saw the Pochette Metis it was love at first sight. I think in general when buying any luxury goods, if you don’t love it at first sight don’t buy it. Luxury goods are such an investment that I’d hate to regret a purchase later on. So getting back on track, I was seriously obsessed and immediately went to my local Louis Vuitton to see it in person.

I saw my reflection in the mirror I knew immediately that this was the one for me. The strap length is very adjustable and it fit like a dream! I love the school/business briefcase style which was very reminiscent of my private school days and the top handle made it convenient for when I don’t want to wear it cross body. The bag itself can fit so much it’s like a trick bag. From the outside it doesn’t seem very big however it can expand and fit all my daily essentials.

The Bag

The bag has two large compartments inside and a thin flat compartment that I use for receipts and envelopes. The two large compartments fit my essentials. In the largest compartment I keep my Prada Continental Zip Wallet (for those of you interested I will leave a link to my review on it down below) It’s a large wallet but it fits very comfortably inside the space. In the front compartment I keep my makeup pouch (again link down below for those interested) and my battery pack. On the back side of the bag it has a slim zip compartment that I use for my iPhone 7 Plus. For being an exterior compartment it’s a good size and I could easily fit a second phone and of course more receipts and envelopes! Very convenient for when I need access to my phone fast and don’t want to open my bag completely. I’ve had my Pouchette Metis for around three months now (the shortest amount of time I could wait before offering my opinion on it) and so far, so good! It’s become my everyday go-to bag and has yet to let me down! The canvas is easy to wipe clean and it’s comfortable to wear all day. The Pochette Metis is amazing, I recommend checking it out in person if you’re interested. Thoughts? Questions? Leave them down below in the comments. I’d love to know what you guys think about my first luxury handbag purchase and if you have any suggestions on future purchases!


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Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis


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