Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini Review



Summer’s right around the corner and I’ve taken the plunge investing in another Louis Vuitton handbag. This time I chose the Palm Springs Mini Backpack. I felt this bag really embodied adventure and wanderlust while remaining minimal and chic, making it the perfect choice for my summer escapades! I’ve been interested in this bag since winter but felt like I’d get the most use out of it during the summer when I like to keep things minimal. Looking back I definitely made the right choice and I’m glad I waited and purchased the Pochette Metis first.


Louis Vuitton Offers backpacks in a variety of sizes but the mini version is my personal favorite for a few reasons. It’s very versatile and that’s one of the most important aspects of a purse for me. You can adjust the straps to wear it cross body or remove the straps completely and carry it by it’s top handle. Seriously there are so many different opinions for how to wear this bag, it’s amazing. Another thing I really like is that the leather is black and not their classic vachetta. This makes keeping the bag clean easier and saves me worry from ruining the vachetta

One of the “cons” about this bag is the tiny compartment on the front and the overall small size of the bag. That bottom compartment is literally so small I have no clue what it’s intended for and don’t know if I’m going to even use it at all.  My usual bag size is a medium and this is definitely a small. That being said I enjoyed downsizing and found the minimal approach to be more convenient. The biggest “con” is the zippers! They are so stiff and get stuck half way through all the time. This makes getting in and out of the bag cumbersome and frustrating! The SA told me they will loosen up over time but still I find this to be very annoying. Overall though I’ve absolutely loved having this bag and it’s become my daily companion.


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