Louis Vuitton Empreinte Zippy Coin Purse Review


After I purchased my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack, I realized that my current wallet didn’t fit. I was still reeling from my backpack splurge and wasn’t sure if I should indulge again so quickly. It became clear though that my “splurge” was just sitting in my closet and not doing me any good. So I started looking around for a wallet that would fit my bag.

I had a few in mind but finally settled on the Louis Vuitton Zippy also known as their coin purse. Now this is no coin purse mind you, this is actually a compact wallet able to hold multiple cards, cash and coins! I was excited that it could hold so much while still maintaining it’s petite size.

Originally I had the classic monogram in mind but when I saw the wallets in person I fell in love with their premium version. This version features empreinte leather and is embossed with their monogram. The leather was so gorgeous and has a strong grain so I know it’s going to last a long time. The wallet I chose has black leather and gold hardware but it comes in a few other shades as well. The black leather goes great with my Palm Springs Mini and the functionality can’t be beat for it’s size. I also love that it has a zipper closer instead of a button since I’m known to over stuff my wallets.

Thoughts? Comment down below!

Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Mini Backpack Review

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