The Opulent Eatery Bottega Louie

On the corner of Grand Ave in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, stands a tall ivory building with gilded gold lettering. You’ve arrived at Bottega Louie, one of the most popular contemporary dining establishments in Downtown LA.

The exterior greets you with a window display full of colorful macaron towers and gorgeous packaging arrangements. No matter how many times I visit I am still in awe of it’s grand and ornate presence. The ceiling has beautiful crown molding and the interior is full of alabaster pillars with delicate gold details throughout.

Now let’s get to the good stuff….the food! So far I’ve been here for breakfast, brunch and lunch but never for dinner. Word of advice, evenings are packed and you’ll usually be waiting for quite awhile. I suggest going any other time of day if you intend to skip the wait.

I enjoyed their Sunday brunch the most and recommend their lobster hash. If you go for brunch, lunch or dinner make sure to order their mushroom fries. They’re so good just thinking about them makes my mouth water!

Dessert is a must and should never be skipped if dining here. Each dessert is presented as a tiny piece of art and are full of unique flavors and textures. I usually bypass the restaurant entirely in favor of their bakery. Full of cakes, delicate custards, cupcakes, beignets and of course macarons! Their desserts are the main attraction and are worth every calorie.

My personal favorite are their macarons. The macarons are gluten free and all of them taste divine. My personal favorites are the rose, lavender, earl grey, mango and strawberry. Their packaging is gorgeous and the macarons are packed neatly into beautiful boxes and fit perfectly inside. They are then finished with Bottega Louie’s signature ribbon. I’ve used them countless times as thank you gifts year-round and they never disappoint. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend visiting if only for their desserts.

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