Yves Saint Laurent Volupe Tint In Balm Review + Swatch

It was love at first sight when I found these gorgeous lip balms floating around Asian beauty blogs back in February. After what felt like forever, they were finally released in the US and after missing out a couple of times, I was finally able to get my hands on them.

These babies are essentially luxury lip balms that leave your lips stained after the balm has worn off. They come in 11 different shades so there’s a good chance you’re bound to find a couple of new favorites. The center has a super hydrating core in the shape of get this… lips! How cute is that? Also the packaging is amazing as usual for YSL beauty products.

Though it would have been nice to grab them all, I ultimately chose the ones that I felt were best suited for me. The ones I ‘ll be swatching today are 01 Dream Me Nude, 04 Desire Me Pink, 05 Dare Me Plum, 06 Touch Me Red, 09 Tempt Me Pink and last but not least 11 Play Me Fuchsia.

While I did enjoy all of them, the “tint” it leaves after looked very similar when swatching any shade in the pink family. My favorite shades out of the ones I got were 05 Dare Me Plum and 06 Touch Me Red. Both are most likely the darkest shades available in the collection and both looked great.

They are similar to the Dior Addict Lip Glows and Fresh Lip Sugar Treatments. They are lightweight and offer buildable color. I wouldn’t recommend buying the whole collection with these since the pink shades look extremely similar to one another so unless you’re a super fan of YSL I’d say it’s better to just pick a couple of favorite colors.

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